by Jessie Williams

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hatchet75 just got this but I know it's good, people that don't know Jessie if you find her Dystopia album don't pass it up. pure gold.
Come from nothing on Last Day is a must have.
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released December 24, 2015

Mixed and Mastered by Robby Coleman



all rights reserved


Jessie Williams Tucson, Arizona

Folk music from the Southwest

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Track Name: Just Another Journey
I was drawn into the maze like a moth is drawn to flame/it was foolish, yes and still I went ahead/Tangled in the spiraled haze I emerged with bruise and scrape/and was thankful that I made it through the winding lattice fence
Further in I drew my sword so as not to be absorbed/ by all of these hallucinatory dreams/ I'm not scared to face myself even in a different realm/Death is just another journey waiting patiently for me
I went searching for the source and I was surfaced by a force/that brought me back into this body I possess/This instrument I use in life the savage curse of humankind/it never felt authentic when it wasn't my choice to accept
Further in I lost my way a calmness set across my face/this is what it means to be truly over everything/I'm not scared to face the wrath at the end of circumstance/Death is just another journey I can't mold within my hands
Track Name: The Thief of Pima County
Call me the thief of Pima County, sweat pouring into my eyes/running from the bounties set above my head so high/goodbye my gracious lover, farewell my aging son/I'll see you on the other side when all is said and done/A hunger too consuming, searching for salvation/In an old scrapyard in Dewey, I foresaw no complications/now I'm deep inside this desert, with a pistol and a shovel/Gonna bury all my efforts, under mounds of dirt and rubble/Dying to remember a time of joy and song/But all that I can render is this pain that lingers on/As she lie still beside me, my forsaken angel/I would keep from crying if only I were able/And he succumbs to sickness, my one and only spawn/I never been religious but now I'm cursing god/Gonna buy myself 3 coffins and find myself some land/Take the pistol from my pocket and put a bullet in my head
Track Name: Behemoth's Hole
Children rest your bones and sleep/a youthful dawn is beckoning/I venture to Behemoth’s hole/and offer him my bleeding soul/I’ve come to be reborn/I scream it towards Behemoth’s door/I’ve come to serve you King/I’ve come unseen, we meet beneath the bridge of gluttony/Bursting with a blackened gleam/I near it’s dreadful blabbering/Behold your fate King Beezlebub/Lord of flies, reduced to crumbs/I’ve come to serve my king/To seize the hearts Behemoth marks/I’ve come to cleanse this fued/I’ve come too soon, the lord of flies draws power from the moon/Dragged below I join the feast/A formal fair of gods and beasts/I gaze into the druids eyes/The scum will dine like kings tonight/I came to be reborn/Between the gums of Beezlebub/I’ve come to serve my king/I’ve come unclean, a failure and a rotten human being
Track Name: Sea of Hypocrites
I’ve made my mind up, I’m going to West Virginia/I’m gonna cut me a nice slice of solitude/I’m gonna settle down in the mountains blowing reefer at the moon/And when I wake up I am in Alabama/Cursing god and chewing on pumpkin seeds/Gods riding shotgun outside my window telling me I am alone because no one knows if I am me
These moments leave us for a time but they always come back too soon/Out of place and scrambled up inside and in the end you find that there is not a lie you haven’t used
And when I try to gain a lead the shit storm comes and drops a load on me/I crawl to safety on broken glass/on my bloody knees, grit on my teeth, shit on my hands
These moments leave us for a time but they always come back too soon/Out of place and scrambled up inside and in the end you find that there is not a lie you haven’t used
And we are distanced only because it helps us to pump out our chests/When we come down off our iron horses we are bombarded by a sea of hypocrites
Track Name: Unwind
Its been a long trip, I am exhausted
I'd rather sleep now then fight
And though it may seem I'm resting angry
Come the sunrise it'll all be alright
And when I see that morning light
Reflected in your curls
I'll be reminded that all that fighting
Was just a waste of words
So if you need me then wake me easy
Shake me gently and I'll comply
It's hard to deal with these endless feelings
Sometimes I need your help to unwind
Sometimes I need your help when I
Get lost inside myself
To put it simply just don't forget me
When I'm winding down
Fall is dying and desert linings
Hold our fates inside their range
And we are stripped down, we have been found out
Now our own true selves remain
And all I see is all I need
I feel this through and through
And in this knowing I am holding
Nothing back from you
Track Name: Creature
You started off as a simple seed thus grew your inner strength/Now I hear your name in the wind and leaves and I miss your everyday/Free as the earth and real as the truth it hurt to watch you go/But way deep down I always knew you needed room to grow/So I let you walk away/A crude but true escape/You don’t need me it’s time to see/You need to walk away/And I will too find somewhere new where validation reigns/A little shack off a beaten path to console these woes of change/As I find myself only time will tell how long the hurt will last/And I will find new ways to reduce the pain, new ways to heal the past/ So I let you walk away/A crude but true escape/You don’t need me it’s time to see/You need to walk away/ So I let you walk away/A crude but true escape/You don’t need me it’s time to free/the creature you’ve contained
Track Name: Broken Beings
She held the scissors to her gut/Said all the voices were destroying her and she had had enough/This wasn’t something of routine/I watched it eating her in trying to retrieve an opening/I was alive when I dozed off/And then it time it all went wrong/I didn’t mean to be involved/I guess that people are as evil as the things they call upon/She held the key above my head/I didn’t seek it but it found me in a fetal state and said/I will not guide you lest you ask/Then something in me started spitting out these questions seeking paths/I was alive before her call/I lost my mind inside it all/and now I hold an aching head/I guess some questions are best left alone to float among the dead/she died before I made it home/she just decided to let go/I couldn’t bind her to a name/her spirit wanders like the water of a roaring tidal wave/I carve her symbol in my flesh/I have unveiled my emptiness/a silence beats within my chest/I am the seed of broken beings who now fiend to live again
Track Name: Shaky Faith
In you I am reminded of everything I’m not/in you I see the worst of things to come/I lay amongst the skeletons of everyone I lost/and tally up the sons of holocaust/and you say it’s okay because everyone’s gotta go someday/waiting by the mailbox for any sign of news/the housewife with nails of skin and stub/she’s gripping on her prayer book and sweating like a fuse/begging to the good lord up above/it’s such a shaky faith to hold/it’s such a shaky faith to hold/it leaves you out there in the cold/it’s such a shaky faith to hold/it turns men into animals/it’s such a shaky faith to hold/it’s such a shaky faith to hold when you know they’re never coming home/wooden creaks and cobwebs fill my humble heart/I’ve memorized your letters word for word/so if you’re never coming back around these parts/at least I’ll still have something left to burn
Track Name: What is Left
Tear off your flesh and see
What is buried underneath
Your sagging skin, your tattered limbs are finally
Free from the silent shroud
You are dripping from the mouth
And you have reached it but it seems too easy
Now, what is left to hate, what is left to love
There is nothing and nothing is ever good enough
Rip out your veins and watch
As all structure falls apart
And you uncover all the harshness in your
Heart is designed to roll
On forever so were told
To never let up, it gets better don’t you know
What is left to want, what is left to judge
There is nothing and nothing is ever good enough
Break out your bones and laugh
As the fragments turn to ash
The night is grueling, though it’s fueling your
Collapse on the empty earth
You are swimming through the dirt
And you are nothing and there is nothing left to learn
Track Name: Of This Cosmic Destiny
Day after day I try to remain good hearted, honest and modestly sane/and night after night I’m shook right to death by the real grinding force of the bad hearted men/state after state I’m running away from the people who hold and control me the same/and time after time I end up alone, it’s better this way I say because I know
If I can’t get along on my own I’ll only drag you down/Life is a quest a search for worth hidden deep inside of yourself
She came to me in my age of need she only wanted to make me whole/and though I held on I was still drawn to drag this thing so far below/just as I had worried the earth stopped turning and the truth became so triggering/as we got lost among the frost of this cosmic destiny
If I can’t get along on my own I’ll only drag you down/Life is a quest a search for worth hidden deep inside of yourself
Day after day I try to retain healthy advise with wealthy restraint/and night after night it all seems to end with the poison enjoyment of tragic content/state after state my mind can’t escape the folds that expose my awful mistakes/and time after time they find me again to show I’m eloped to a life I resent